Thursday, December 2, 2010

nokomis screenprints

i've been busy in my lil' basement silkscreening sweat factory!

nokomis women's screened tops, 35

nokomis screened hoodie, 65

nokomis screened men's tees, 35

nokomis baby tee's (sizes 2/4/6), 21

nokomis onesies, 24

nokomis baby tees, 21

come by soon and check them out! xox.


Fiona said...

they look wonderful, Jessica!

Ana said...

Woo! I always loved the noko tees. I was wearing a grey one today with a print of forest hazards and my students loved the volcano. <3

Amy Lauree said...

Oh my gosh, the kids tees! Wren's 18-24 mo is already, um, snug, and she will need another soon ;)
I am coming on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

oh my it's so weird to see these old prints that laurel made again, it's like a nokomis ghost. people are going to go nuts for them.