Wednesday, February 4, 2009

bodybag spring 2009

new spring stock keeps rolling in at the store. our latest shipment is from the fashion house of Bodybag. designed by Judith Desjardins, this label is well established within the canadian fashion scene. we've carried her for many years now, and love the clothes for their fun silhouettes, bright colour palette, and consistent fit.

one of her ventures in recent years is opening up her own boutique in montreal, just off st. laurent on bernard street, which happens to be next door to one of our favorite montreal vintage stores, Local 23.

we just received a few different styles from bodybag, including dresses, tops, and jeans. we loved the marine dress from this collection so much, that we got it in two colours!

which colour do you like better? right now i'm leaning towards the red. i could see myself wearing it with black tights, some boots, and a vintage cardigan. but once the summer sun rolls around the blue and white one would be so adorable with some little slip on shoes. ack, i dunno.

more shipments will be arriving each week, so be sure to stop by while we still have lots of sizes available.

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