Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we got mono

everyone at nokomis gets mono, if you don't believe me consider that we're on our third case in a year, it's like a nokomis rite of passage. it seems like everyone's having so much fun, getting mono together and, i don't know, resting and talking about swollen glands or something, you know, mono stuff, and here i am NEVER GETTING MONO!! it's totally frustrating, i feel so left out. i never get to be the one with mono. well, until today.

you see i stopped by the store this morning and was so! excited to see brand new styles from a brand new line we're carrying called...wait for it...mono!

mono is a vancouver line designed by heather martin which, in her own words, explores the spaces between art, craft, design & fashion aiming to redefine the categorical convention of these genres as well as their ideals, content, norms & expectations. we're really excited to be carrying the line this spring. the clothes are starkly elegant, fashion forward and highly conceptual. heather's definitely a designer to watch and we're lucky to have her as part of the noko family.

and here's my little fashion show just to prove that i (and you!) too can join the mono club. *update* i forgot to mention that this dress is called the "tucked shift" and retails for $309 *end update*. oh, and this beautiful bag i'm holding? it's the new nokomis 'gillespie' bag in grey patent leather, lovingly handmade by genevieve just last week.






mono said...

The 'Tucked Shift' looks fantastic on you! Thanks for posting & happy Spring? time.


Anonymous said...

lauren is a walking infection.