Thursday, February 5, 2009

what makes us happy?

we just got tagged by our favorite girls at victoire to list 6 things that make us happy. lately it's the simple things. in return we're tagging twisted sisters, anemone honey, katie, jessica rae and tala (time to make a new post tala!). here goes:

1) watching a new nokomis collection come together. we've been madly working on fall 09 and shoot our catalogue this coming monday. nothing makes us feel better than seeing months of work reach sweet completion.

2) having a pain-in-the-a** silkscreen rinse out perfectly, especially when you have no materials to re-do it. i know this makes laurel very happy and when laurel's happy, i'm happy.

3) dreams of summer. we've been enjoying some really beautiful winter weather here in edmonton; yesterday felt positively tropical and we opened the windows to let the world in. just a few short months till the trees blossom, the nights crash with prairie thunder and our feet never touch the ground cause we're too busy biking around.

4) miss marple. that jane marple knew what she was doing! english country cottage...check. tea with gin...check. soft cardigans, tea dresses and periwinkle felt hats...check, check, check. subtle wit and endless brilliance...check. also she reminds us of genevieve who's away and who we dearly miss.

5) kittens. self-explanatory i should think. and puppies, for those who are of a doggy persuasion. and the bunny that lives in my backyard which we've named 'beauty'.

6) new shipments! who loves clothes? we love clothes, duh!! we love our 'moth dress' which arrived in store last week and comes in two combinations, the one pictured here and another with a pink-y shortcake bodice and a browny-sage skirt. come try it on!


Victoire said...

that little teaser of fall cloths on the rack was just plain mean. you know we are DYING to see the new collection!!

See you in one month, one week and three days.

abby said...

at the risk of embarrassing myself real good, you've seen this, right?

abby said...

and kudos on the screen. that does feel nice.